Università degli Studi di Genova – UNIGE

The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering – DIME – includes the “Thermochemical Power Group” TPG ( and was founded in 1998 by Prof. A.F. Massardo. Its mission is to carry out theoretical and experimental research in the field of advanced energy systems. Since 2004, the TPG hosts the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre on Fuel Cell Systems, with the aim to investigate solutions and technologies for fuel cell stationary power generations. The main fields of research of TPG are: development and testing of advanced CHP energy systems; dynamic performance modelling of energy systems; thermoeconomic analysis; monitoring and diagnostic techniques for combined cycles and energy systems; high temperature fuel cell technology (SOFC); investigation of thermal processes for biomass conversion; numerical and experimental investigation on burners and combustion systems for boiler, furnace and gas turbine applications. Original software resources are: WECoMP – Web Economic Cogeneration Modular Program for the design and optimisation of CHP networks; WTEMP - Web ThermoEconomic Modular Program, for thermoeconomic analysis and development of energy systems; TRANSEO - Matlab-based tool for dynamic simulation and control system development.

Role in the project

UNIGE is the project coordinator and is responsible for the management and technical development of activities. UNIGE is also responsible for communications with EU.

Regarding research activities, UNIGE is mainly involved in the following tasks:

  • responsible of the conceptual design of the PHCC system layouts and scenario definition
  • participant to the estimation of HP impact on existing combined cycle performance
  • owner and developer of the technology for the innovative HP expander, which will be brought from the laboratory to TRL6 within the project
  • in charge of data monitoring from the demosite and of benchmarking the enhancement in flexibility against conventional combined cycles
  • responsible of the replication studies and full-size design of PHCC technology

Due to its deep knowledge in the field of research on turbomachinery and innovative energy systems, its business-oriented research approach, its expertise in EU funded projects, its established International links in the energy field (Cooperative research and development agreement - CRADA No. AGMT-0562 between the US Department of Energy - DoE, National Energy Technology Laboratory - NETL and University of Genoa - IT) and its already established collaboration with GT OEMs (i.e. UNIGE is Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre) and Energy Utilities (E-On, AXPO, TirrenoPower, etc.) UNIGE brings to the consortium its know-how to lead technical activities and to act as liaison between academic and industrial partners for the optimal exploitation of project results.


Mr. Alberto Traverso, PhD - Professor, Coordinator: he is the coordinator and scientific responsible for this project and is Associate Professor of Energy Systems. He is also Research Scholar at National Energy Technology Laboratory – NETL (USA) since 2009, Vice-Review Chair of ASME Turbo Expo’ 2017 conference, Chair for Cycle Innovations Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2013-2015, Member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) for Gas Turbine Society of Japan (GTSJ) since 2013, Expert evaluator for H2020 projects since 2014. He is part of the steering committee at TPG for the Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems UTC. His main field of expertise is the time-dependent analysis of energy systems, and their thermoeconomic optimisation. He is also responsible for the development of TRANSEO software for dynamic analysis of energy systems. He authored more than 100 research papers and 8 patents in dynamics and controls for energy technologies. In this project, he will be the main responsible for the dynamic modelling and model predictive control system development.

Mrs. Alessandra Cuneo – Reasercher: she is a Reasercher Assistant at the University of Genoa. Her field of expert is the uncertainty quantification analysis and simulation of energy systems, including smart grid, fuel cell and hybrid systems. She is currently involved at TPG in the Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems UTC. In 2012-2013 was involved in FP7 EU project E-HUB for the simulation of smart grids. During the PhD she spent some periods as visiting reaserch at VITO in Anversa and Rolls-Royce plc in Derby, working on smart grids and uncertainty quantification. She attended international conferences and during her PhD she published 15 papers on main journals and conferences. She is currently carrying out his post-doc on uncertainty quantification analysis, advanced energy systems and flexibility of combined cycle. In this project, she will main involved in the modelling of validation and demostration site as well as in developing the control strategy to be applied on the combined cycle plants.

Mr. Alessandro Sorce, PhD - Researcher: he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Genoa. In 2010-2011 he worked at the Power Diagnostic Centre of Siemens at Muelheim (Germany), inside the Operation Support group, focusing on the remote long-term monitoring of Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle and on the development and optimization of the diagnostic process. In 2011-2012 he collaborated to the GENIUS European project developing the monitoring & diagnostic codes for SOFC systems, validated on-line. In 2013-2014 he collaborated at Tirreno Power, an Italian utility, to develop and enhance the monitoring of Combined Cycle Power Plants based on different GT frames. At present, he collaborates with recognised energy companies in the Italian and International market, on the topic of expert monitoring systems and process flexibility. In this project, he will be the main responsible for the innovative HP turbo expander development as well as for the demosite data monitoring and benchmarking against traditional combined cycle performance and flexibility.

Cinzia Leone: Expert evaluator at different panels of European Project Proposals for the European Commission and within H2020, Project Manager, received her degree in Foreign Languages at the University of Genova and continued her studies and researchers towards Linguistics, Literature, Sociology, History and Political Science. In 1996 she began an internship at the University of Wien, thanks to a funding coming from the Austrian Research Ministry. Since 2002 she is Project Manager, involved in over 50 projects funded by EU during last 12 years (within FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020 and other funding agencies). In this project, she will be the main point of contact between EU and the Consortium.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706