Project deliverables

Here, you can find the public deliverables of the project, as soon as they become available.

You can download them by clicking on the title.
WP: Work Package, D: Deliverable

WP1: Scenario analysis, requirements definition and business models

D1.5: PHCC Business models

D1.6: Validated thermo-economic models

WP2: Flexibility enhancement through balance of plant innovations

D2.6: Components for PHCC demosite and microturbine validation site

WP3: Advanced solutions for warm/cold storage

D3.1: Requirements for thermal storage in PHCC applications (SUBMITTED)

D3.2: Assessment of different options for thermal storage in PHCCs (SUBMITTED)

D3.5: Thermal storage prototypes to demosite and to validation sites

D3.6: Validation results of warm (70-80oC) temperature thermal storage

WP4: Intelligent Predictive Control of the integrated system

D4.1: Grid-compliant control architecture and controller real-time objective function (SUBMITTED)

D4.4: Validation results in MiL and HiL of MPC

D4.5: Advanced fast-response controller prototype for demosite

D4.6: Validation results in Energy-Hub of MPC with cold thermal storage

D4.7: Validated dynamic model of PHCC demosite

WP5: Integration and Demonstration

D5.2: Report on final construction of demosite

D5.5: Final report on demosite operation

WP6: Scale-up design, replication and dissemination

D6.1: Public website set-up (SUBMITTED)

D6.2: Dissemination plan (SUBMITTED)

D6.3: Leaflet and poster on the project (SUBMITTED)

D6.4: First Stakeholders’ vision document

D6.6: Techno-economic requirements for PHCC replication across Europe

D6.7: Second Stakeholders’ vision document

D6.9: E-book on guidelines for PHCC replication across Europe covering   technical, economic, legislative, social and environmental aspects

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706