Iren SpA – IREN

IREN, a Multi-utility Company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, operates in the sectors of electricity (production, distribution and sale), thermal energy for district heating (production and sale), gas (regasification, distribution and sale), the management of integrated water services, environmental services (collection and disposal of waste) and energy services.

Iren is structured as an industrial parent company with its main corporate offices in Reggio Emilia, operating units in Genoa, Parma, Piacenza, and Torino, and separate companies in charge of the individual business lines. Iren S.p.A. handles strategic, development, coordination and monitoring activities, while the four operating companies ensure the coordination and development of the four business lines:

  • Iren Energia in the electricity and heat energy production sector and the technological services sector
  • Iren Mercato as regards the sale of electricity, gas and district heating
  • IRETI in the gas and electricity distribution business and in the integrated water service
  • Iren Ambiente in the waste collection, in the design and management of waste treatment and disposal plants and in the renewable energies sector

The linked third party of IREN S.p.A. participating to the project will be Iren Energia S.p.A. Iren Energia core businesses are the production and distribution of electricity and the production and distribution of thermal energy for district heating. In addition, due to its expertise in the field of technological services, facility management, energy planning and consultancy are Iren Energia additional core activities.

Role in the project

IREN with Iren Energia (the demosite owner), will be mainly involved in WP5 – Integration and Demonstration. IREN’s main activities in the project are the following:

  • host the validation of the PHCC CHP technology package in its Moncalieri CHP plant, demonstrating the PHCC concept operated according to local energy market requests
  • Coordinate the WP and will dialogue and cooperate with other WP participants (subsystem manufactures) in order to integrate all the components, design and realize the demonstrator
  • Once the demonstrator will be realized, it will be integrated with the existing power plant (combined cycle), commissioned and operated. During the phase of operation, data will be collected and analyzed with other partners
  • IREN and IREN Energia will be involved also in other WPs as participant and/or Task coordinator

In such activities, IREN will provide all its experience in the operation of CHP plants and in the electrical market. IREN will provide also its experience in the design, integration and operation of thermal storages connected to DHN (T3.1 leader).


Mr. Luca Piantelli: he is Scientific Responsible for the project and is an Energy and Nuclear Engineer. He worked in the engineering office of Thermoelectric Production division of IREN Energia from January 2012 to January 2015, involved in power plant, auxiliaries and district heating system design and in maintenance engineering, focusing on CCGT and WTE plants. He is currently in the Internationalization and Innovation Dept. in IREN.

Mr. Enrico Pochettino: he is Responsible for International activities and Innovation in IREN Group. He is graduated in business administration and joined IREN in 2000. He has served in the Group holding as Investor Relations Manager and M&A manager dealing with high profiled projects and deals in the energy field.

Mrs. Sabine Mannarino: Energy and Nuclear Engineer. She currently covers a position in the Regulatory Topics Dept. She has more than 10 years of experience in IREN and she has been previously involved also in activities regarding DH systems, such as business development, energetic analysis, strategic local DH development planning at urban level, risk analysis, reliability and Risk Management, support in the optimization in management of the firm plants, benchmark activities for best practice detection.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706