NovEner - NOVE

NOVENER is an innovative company leading research in the combined domains of software and electro-technics, with one of the employees conducting her PhD works with Centrale-Supelec, France.

NOVENER is developing a new approach to Energy system control, based on a multi-criteria optimization algorithm. The optimization is applied on all sources, consumptions, transformations, storage and network constraints. It aims at deploying any Energy System with assistance for control, ensuring that clients / operators reach their criteria (economics, green energy, availability, quality, network services, reserves…) in a simple manner.

It combines scientific calculation with real-time control system so as to propose the service. It develops currently a complete software package, with monitoring, modelling, simulating, optimizing and operating in real-time the energy system.

Role in the project

  • NOVENER will be particularly involved on the link between Simulation and Control Systems, both in general and for the experimentations
  • NOVENER will provide the integrated control systems (PLC) to be installed at validation site (UNIGE) and demo site (IREN) levels
  • NOVENER will also participate to the business model with special attention to the electrical grid services


Frederic Planchon: he is NOVENER owner, is graduated from SUPELEC. He is teacher on control systems, and author of several patents. He is a specialist of electrical grid automation, with a focus on substation control systems, and cyber-security for the critical infrastructure.

Lilia Bouchendouka: she joined NOVENER in 2015. She conducts a PhD on multi-criteria optimization with Centrale-Supelec and is also responsible of the “Smart Factory” use case with SystemX “Smart City Energy Analytics”.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706