NV Mayekawa Europe SA – Maye

MAYEKAWA European division is one of the leading companies for refrigeration and gas compressors in the European market. Our business began with bare compressor sales and maintenance support. Later, we started compressor unit production, sales and maintenance support, meat processing robot sales and maintenance, special freezing facilities, and heat pump production and sales. Hereby we focus on making use of natural refrigerants such as ammonia and CO2. The factory for MAYEKAWA Europe’s operations division produces CE-PED, GOST and other standard units as well as the design and development of custom-built gas compression systems and special systems for chemical plants. MAYE also invests a lot in research and development regarding high pressure compressor blocks for high temperature heat pump applications. The company sees an opportunity in this project for the optimization of cycle performances by making use of our new developed compressors.

Role in the project

According to its experience in large scale refrigeration systems, in WP2 MAYE will:

  • take care of the development, the realization of fast-cycling heat pumps and the delivery of two fully heat pump packages to be integrated in the validation site (low temperature [0-10°C] for UNIGE Test Rig) and in the demonstration site (high temperature [>80°C] for IREN Moncalieri CHP plant) together with thermal energy storage (from WP3) and suitable heat exchangers (WP2)
  • analyze the potential of the PHCC layout from the perspective of an industrial HP manufacturer and its application in CHP Plants coupled with industrial process for the development of steam producing heat pumps


Mr. Günther De Greve: he graduated as an industrial mechanical engineer. He started working in Mayekawa Europe in 2012 as a project engineer and his main tasks consisted out of the designing and selection of compressor packages used in the refrigeration industry. After three years, he decided to enhance his knowledge and therefore he enlisted myself to the University of Leuven (KUL) to obtain his degree of Master in Science – Mechanical Engineering. After the successful completion of his studies, he returned to Mayekawa to start a novel career in the R&D department.

Mr. Eric Delforge: he joined MAYEKAWA in 2004. Previously he worked for several screw compressor manufacturers managing European activities. At Mayekawa, he handled European sales in industrial refrigeration, gas processing, cryogenics, heat pumps and food processing. The main focus of his work consists in the integration of heating and cooling into smart energy and thermal storage solutions. His advocacy is to promote natural refrigerant based technology applications across all stakeholders of community and industrial markets. He represents Mayekawa in various market sector organizations, actively informing its members on Mayekawa product developments and innovative applications. He also acts as a consultant and business lead with Mayekawa large global accounts. He is passionate about natural refrigerants and an active speaker at various events on refrigerants policy. He is executive board member of EURAMMON and chair of the working group Ammonia. He is also member of the Belgian steering committee to the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) and Chair of the European Heat Pump Association ICHP-group.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706