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Alfa Laval is a world leader in industrial heat exchangers and is supplying heat exchangers to all kind of industrial applications including heat pumps and gas turbine systems. Alfa Laval has 18000 employees globally.

Alfa Laval has 80 years of experience in heat exchanger business and has representatives in most countries in the world.

Alfa Laval has R&D centres in Sweden and Italy including all competence areas needed to develop reliable compact heat exchangers including thermal experts, application knowledge, material centre, design competence, fully equipped prototyping laboratory and testing facilities including thermal testing with refrigerants and mechanical testing of pressure cycling and thermal cycling.

Alfa Laval is continuously developing new compact heat exchangers meeting new demands of performance.

Role in the project

Alfa Laval’s role in the project is to:

  • optimize heat exchanger design in order to minimize pressure drops and maximize heat exchange effectiveness in PHCC heat exchangers, withstanding a very large number of thermal cycles
  • realize prototypes and evaluate their performance both from numerical and experimental analysis in their laboratories. Heat exchangers performance will be evaluated from the thermal point of view in their refrigeration laboratory and from the structural and mechanical point of view in their testing facility
  • when the prototype systems are up running, then Alfa Laval will follow up the performance of the heat exchanger prototypes and continue to support the optimization of the system from the heat exchanger point of view


Mr. Matteo Munari: he is Application development manager focusing of heat exchangers and heat pumps integration. From 2016 he is Application development manager which means that he is responsible for the development of future new heat exchanger technologies for the heat pump applications. Matteo is also inventor of Alfa Laval patents regarding new designs of heat exchangers for heat pumps.

Mr.Fredrik Strömer: he is a heat transfer specialist for gas/gas heat exchangers and heat pump evaporators/condensers. Fredrik is a Master of Science mechanical engineer and his experience is about thermal design of heat exchangers for gas/gas applications and multi-phase applications focusing on heat pumps technology. Fredrik is inventor in several Alfa Laval patents.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706