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Past Events

Public workshop by TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP-HEAT and sCO2FLEX projects on “The future energy system – meeting complexity with flexibility”

Press Club, Brussels, Belgium, 26th June 2019


In this joint event early results achieved by the TURBO-REFLEX, PUMP HEAT and sCO2FLEX projects will be presented to discuss the specific challenges and policy implications related to the reduction of the environmental impact of conventional power plants and the increase of their flexibility and efficiency.

 The challenges these projects are addressing are multiple:

  • •Fossil fuel power plants will have to increasingly shift their role from providing base-load power to providing fluctuating back-up power to control and stabilize the grid
  • •Plants should be able to run both at the lowest part load possible at the highest possible efficiency
  • •Plants will be required to operate across the entire load range with high load-change velocities
  • •Moreover, plants will be required to operate across the entire load range with high load-change velocities and even operate in start/stop mode with full turndown and very fast re-start, all at minimal (lifetime) fuel consumption leading to increased rate of wear on plant components
  • •Integration into an advanced energy system with ever higher shares of renewable energies for both existing (retrofitting) and new thermal power plants
  • •Solutions with lowest greenhouse gas emissions, residue disposal and water need per energy unit
  • •Collaboration with power plant operators


Objectives of the panel session

The panel discussion is envisaged with European policy makers, industry and the energy sector. In this panel, the discussions will focus on: 1) the value of the results achieved so far from the different angles looked at by the 3 projects, 2) Discuss current vs future policy needs to support efforts in these directions, 3) Discuss future projects in the sectors of energy storage as well as retrofitting turbines to use hydrogen.



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The future energy system – meeting complexity with flexibility (


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Coordinating entity: General Electric Deutschland

Coordinating entity: Universitá degli Studi di Genova

Coordinating entity: Electricité de France

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under agreement No 764706