Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

The use of the ‘Website’, including web crawling, caching, and any other services provided by the Website implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms of use described herein and constitutes their actual acceptance.

2. Definitions

PUMP-HEAT is defined as the ‘Agency’.
The ‘Content’ is defined as the set of data, software, databases, metadata, and any other intellectual work that may be the subject of copyright in accordance with Law 2121/1993, as in force, regardless of whether the time of protection has disappeared, or its use is subject to the exceptions of the intellectual property right.
Using any of the services of The Website is considered as the ‘Use’.
Any user who makes use of The Website is considered as the ‘User’.
The ‘Service’ is defined herein as a digital-based operation of functions that serve the needs of the User.
The ‘Subscribers’ are defined as Users who subscribe to the services provided by the Agency and give their consent to the processing of their personal data solely for the provision of Additional Services.

3. Legal Use

The use of the Website must be done for legitimate purposes only, in accordance with the present terms and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. The User of the Website should not perform any acts or omissions that may cause defects and adversely affect or endanger the provision of services to users.

4. Intellectual Property and Copyright Licenses

The content of the Website on which the User has the necessary intellectual property rights or licenses unless explicitly stated otherwise - especially in the case of content subject to third party rights - is available through the Website services to users only with the conditions of the license Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial -No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

The computer software used for the development and operation of the Website are Free Software / Open Source Software and may be licensed in accordance with the definitions of the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative on licenses that are open and free.

The particular license with which the Content and software is available is specifically defined as metadata that is provided with the Content or the software.

The Content of the Website may be available either through a graphical interface that allows the end user to view, edit and upload the content either through Web services and Open APIs and to which other information systems access under these Terms of Use and may download data or metadata with the licenses specified above.

Any other work protected by copyright and licensed differently from the above must be explicitly and specifically defined as such.

5. Knowledge Sharing Policy

The Agency, in its endeavor to enrich and extend Open Knowledge, is committed to using Free / Open Technologies, Software, Data and Standards on its Websites and to have all of its content (including data and metadata) licensed to equalize objectives of the end-user and the Agency.

This means that all types of services provided through the Websites follow common principles of Open Access and Freedom of Use and Reuse. In particular, in the absence of third party rights that cannot be wound up:

(a) Standards used are Open and Free

(b) The Formats used are Open and Free

(c) The Software used is Free Software / Open Source Software

(d) The Website is an Open Access Website

(e) Every effort is made to make the content available under Creative Commons licenses

(f) Every measure is taken to the extent possible to make the data available according to the definitions of the Open Data Definition

(g) As far as possible, every step is taken to ensure that the services provided by the Website follow the definition of Open Service Definition.

6. Fair Usage Policy

In order to promote transparency and open access and protect the interests of the end-user, the Agency undertakes to use fair terms and disclose to the Users of its main Website any change in the terms of use with which its Websites are provided; and the services provided by them.

7. Disclosure Policy

If a copyright owner identifies illegally published material on the Agency's Website which (a) is not covered by any restriction or other exception under European intellectual property law and the use of which (b) has not been granted, the above beneficiary is kindly requested to contact the Agency in writing by e-mail at [email address here], stating the following:

(a) Its contact details

(b) Literature available data or, if they do not exist, material reference data

(c) The URL where the material was found (e.g. the registration URL)

(d) Evidence confirming that the beneficiary and / or a responsible statement stating that, under his own responsibility he declares that he is the beneficiary intellectual property or his / her legal representative.

Upon receiving the complaint, the process of warning and withdrawing illegally published content is initiated as follows:

i. The Agency confirms that it received the complaint by email or mail and makes a first assessment of its validity and credibility.
ii. Upon receiving a valid complaint, the material is temporarily withdrawn from the Agency's Website until a consensual solution is found.

iii. The complainant and the Agency or any other natural / legal person has deposited the material required to resolve the consensual agreement in the short term by adopting one of the following solutions:

a. The material is re-published in the same format as before.
b. The material is re-published after being changed.
c. The material is permanently withdrawn from the list of the website
v. For as long as the Agency and the complainant cannot reach a commonly accepted solution, the material remains unavailable through the inventory until agreement is reached on the matter. 8. Liability disclaimer

The Agency provides the content (e.g., information, names, pictures, images, data, etc.) and the services available through its "Exactly as it is" Website. In no event shall the Agency be responsible for any legal, civil or criminal claims or any damages (positive, special or consequential) to the User of this Website.

The Website may contain references (links) to third party Websites for the sole purpose of informing the User. Referral to links belonging to third-party Websites is not an endorsement of their views and actions or the acceptance of the content they express, publish or postpone. Third parties - operators of websites responsible for the law - are solely responsible for the Content of their websites or for any damage that may result from their Use when the User of the Website gains access to them. The User accepts that by visiting third-party Websites, he / she leaves the Website and is subject to the terms of use of the third-party Websites.

The Agency makes every effort to operate its network even though it does not guarantee that its server operations will be uninterrupted or free from viruses, malicious software or other similar features.

The Agency is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any form of damage caused to the User of the Website, services, choices and content of the Website. It also does not warrant that any Website related, Website or servers through which any relevant service is made available to the User / visitor does not contain "viruses" or other malicious software as it does not guarantee the correctness, the completeness or availability of the content, web pages, services, choices or the results from their Use.

9. Jurisdiction, Validity and Amendments

The Terms and Conditions of this Website as well as any modification or change, are governed by and supplemented by European law and the relevant international treaties. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of using this Website constitute the overall agreement between the Agency and the User / visitor of its Websites and services and binds only these two parties. No modification of these Terms of Use is taken into account and is not part of this agreement unless it is expressed in writing and is not incorporated in these Terms of Use. Unless otherwise stated, the above terms of use will be immediately effective as a whole on the Agency's website.

The Agency unilaterally reserves the right to modify, add, modify the content or services of the Website and the Terms of Use of the Website, whenever it is deemed necessary, with the prior notice of registered members who have authorized the Agency to communicate together for this purpose. Otherwise, the communication is made by announcement to the Agency's Website and in accordance with applicable law.

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